Get ahead of the curve

Successful & forward-thinking

Our innovative solutions strengthen your business.

To be one step ahead in a digitalized world, flexibility and new intellectual approaches are needed. We will analyze your core projects with you and optimize them continuously despite a constant change in external forces.

Analysis & Creativity

enable our effective and versatile concepts, the basis for the best solutions for your projects.

Individual Consulting

is guided by your structures and processes, to avoid ineffective One Size Fits All-approaches.

More than 15 Years of Experience

result in expertise from most diverse project for medium-sized businesses and major enterprises.

Passion & Dependability

from our employees and cooperation partners enable our broad range of services.

Practical services to advance your projects:

This is what we offer
Development of Specialized Software

If there is no solution matching your problem, we develop tools custom made for your employees and processes. These are adjustable to the smallest details and made to enhance your results.

Global IT Infrastructure

Since 2011 we connect IT infrastructure of large enterprises, because cooperationens and joint ventures are indispensable in a globalized world. We create simplified processes, always guided by highest security standards.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools

In school at the beginning of the pandemic, within nationwide supply chains or in global enterprises: The digital workplace is omnipresent. Meanwhile most tools do not fit the need of your employees. We can fix this.

Connecting Digital and Analogue

There is a huge rift between the digital and real world, sometimes even by law. We are translators between both worlds, to ensure you do not waste money and resources on time-consuming tasks.

Boosting Innovation

Our in-house developments as well as our efforts to foster startups challenge the future while looking for the Next Big Thing. CEO Martin Storbeck is a committed "Business Angel" and supports young startups with their baby steps.


The idea "this can't happen to us" can turn into a complete meltdown of all your operations within seconds. The security of your data and processes hangs by a thread — meanwhile your employees can cut it at any time, without even knowing it. We fix this.