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Combining engineering & design in great products

Great ideas need a wide skillset

The things we do best

innovative design

...because, let's admit it: The first thing that comes to mind while looking at a new product is its beauty or ugliness

advanced engineering

Mechanical & electrical engineering is our key to ensure the functionality you always expect from a next-gen product

App development

When the hardware in your pocket is already more than you need, we provide the software you never thought of, but always needed

trendsetting projects

When some companies stop delivering their "one more thing", others have to take over. Count us in...

life hacking

Taking everyday things & enhancing them to suit your needs is an artform we mastered.

internet of things

We connect physical and digital worlds to make your life more comfortable


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Putting our skillset to work

This is merely an excerpt of the things that have been realized by the people who are the heart and soul of STARK Solutions. For the full range of our commercial and non-commercial products and an overview of the things to come, we invite you to sit down with us, discuss our and your ideas and of course the opportunities of working together.

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for motorcycle magazines
WebApp Development
DisConnect Cafe
DisConnect Café
Meet Your Friends Again
The big QLIB
storage system
furniture optimization
Jukebox 2.0
music remote control
internet of things
Fan Controller
Industry enhancement
Half Chairs
The half a chair
clothes hanger
Furniture optimization
Office Companion
with notification system
Internet of things POC
Custom Tankbag Interior
Custom PCB designs
for hardware development
Electronics Engineering