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STARK Academy

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Realizing before the first handshake what makes your counterpart tick puts you in the driver's seat. We show you how...


More than 25 years of experience & up-to-date research

Combined findings of neurophysiology, communication psychology & media sciences allow you to evolve or change in a team and in your personal environment. To implement these processes in leadership, communication & teamwork is the core of our offer. The goal is to master every situation in the privat and professional field easily and steadily.


For enterprises

we offer customised human resources development and accompany you in everyday management situations, in choosing the right personnel, in leadership & development as well as in teambuilding


For individuals

Optimise your personal presence, learn individual techniques of conflict resolution, a lasting method to cope with stress & how to prevent a burnout syndrome


Special offers

You can book us for lectures on your events. Furthermore, we offer online-mediation, telephone coaching & our brand-new modular course system


The people behind STARK Academy

Young blood meets old stager

Academic curiosity, personal ambition, professional success and multifaceted background experience in journalism, law, science and theatre - all put together in a modern theory. A contemporary variety of methods for training, caoching and consulting - the results speak for themselves. For our way and our strength.